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I'm Pep Bruno, Spanish oral narrator with twenty years behind me as a storyteller.

Twenty years which I have passed in the arms of stories and in which, above all, I have told stories to audiences of all ages in a wide range of places; also twenty years in which I have dedicated a lot of time to reflecting on the oral tradition.  

My aim with this email is to share with you all some of the articles you can find on my website. In fact my idea is to send a similar email once per year; if you don't want to receive it you can remove yourself from the list at the end of this email. But before that I would like to encourage you to take a look at the content; you might find it interesting.


On the social function of the oral narrator. An article which ponders the role of oral narrators nowadays and which, months after seeing the light of day on my web, was published in summary form in the Chilean magazine Había una vez. It is available in English, French and Spanish.


A history of the professionalization of oral narration in Spain. For ten months I worked on this study which takes up an entire block on my Spanish web (and you can read it here). Two months later the prestigious Spanish magazine CLIJ published this article which contained a summary (very very short) of the whole study. It is available in English and Spanish.


A critical look at the self-named International Storytelling Network. In this article, written with six hands by Manuel Castaño, Carles García and myself, we analyse a network which from our point of view has more shade than light. It is available in English, French and Spanish.


I hope you find these articles interesting. If that is the case I hope to send another bundle next year. If you wish to receive information more often you can subscribe here to my Flyer for Storytellers (no more than once per month).



Pep Bruno


+2 #3 Clare M Murphy 2014-02-05 13:39
Dear Pep

thank you for this, I look forward to reading through this articles slowly, with a large cup of tea to hand.

As far as Kevin's comment goes about the translation of the word storyteller; I think that different approaches to the word storyteller and storytelling might actually open up perspectives and thought processes about what it is we do.

I find your translation refreshing, and do not think there is one set way or phrase that best represents what we do (which appears to be such a wide variety of things!)

Thank you for all your good work Pep, may you continued to be inspired and spread your enthusiasm everywhere you go and everywhere you are read.

Clare Muireann Murphy
+2 #2 Pep Bruno 2014-02-03 16:25
Thank you Kevin, I'll try to do it better next time ;-))
+2 #1 Kevin Walker 2014-02-03 16:03
Good luck with this is a wonderful idea. I am an English speaking professional... I lived in Spain for eight years and have now moved to live in France! I need something similar in three languages! Jaa jaa
Can I point out that in English, we normally use ....storyteller ....for oral narrator, and storytelling for oral narration. Hope this is helpful for you.
Buenne suerte, bonne chance and GOOD LUCK with your storytelling work.
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